Short-form stories that explore various personal topics.


Flash fiction unfolding across 16 pages. Some pages may open horizontally or vertically. All zines are cut and folded by hand, each uniquely formed. Explore and read with your instinct.

divinity zine


“When we found you in the machine, you were already unconscious.”

An unexpected discovery brings about dread and the weight of fated encounters.
Contains: Sci-fi and machinery, Fear disguised as hatred, Cosmic horror and fate.

Hell Looks Back

“You joked that you would one day go to hell.”

When the devil chooses his friend, a boy follows them into hell.
Contains: Gore and horror, Friendship turned unholy devotion, The gaze of the abyss.

Hell looks back zine
we drifted apart

We Drifted Apart

“I woke up alone, in the middle of a black sea.”

A long cosmic voyage drives a rift between a girl and her treasured friend.
Contains: Cosmic loneliness, Friendships torn by distance, Nostalgia for what once was.


“When you picked me, you didn’t know that I wasn’t good enough.”

A boy harbors a secret that may ruin his life — that he has always been pretending.
Contains: Crushing Imposter syndrome, Violence as a defense mechanism, Injury and gore.

what pain made me

What Pain Made Me

“When the injury first broke me, an ache birthed in my body.”

An injury destroys a body, a life and its dreams.
Contains: Life-ruining injury, Invisible pain, Grief without death.


“I shaped you from my wounds and wished you could grow into my salvation.”

A piece of fiction comes alive from the depths of gut-wrenching pain.
Contains: Naked honesty, Tragedy shaped into violence, Fiction based on truths.