"Original stories with strange but charming tropes."

From lined notebooks to the pages of too many sketchbooks, I’ve been making up stories until there’s nothing else I know how to do. Thanks for visting — I’m Seth, an artist and creator from Singapore. Whether you’re breezing through or searching for something meaningful, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

— Current Project —
Hal thinks music is a form of catharsis. Nathaniel does, too. But writing a song together becomes complicated when Nathaniel meets a supernatural entity in the woods. Why have they appeared and why does it feel deeply personal?

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After School

— Completed —
AFTER SCHOOL is a visual novel game with a focus on friendship and coming-of-age. Play as Ellis and explore multiple character routes and their stories.

More information and download on itch.io

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