Support me

I create all my stories out of passion and share them for free. If you enjoy them, there are many ways you can support me to keep making them.

Purchase Merchandise

You can get self-published books or other physical merchandise of my original works in my store. Sales really help to fund my work and enable me to keep turning my ideas into reality!

Donate on Ko-fi

You can drop me a small tip via paypal on Ko-fi. This is the most direct way to support me, and I would really appreciate any amount you’re able to give.

Support on Tapas via Ink

You can support my comic on Tapas with Ink, which is the platform’s currency. Ink can be earned through the Tapas app by watching ads or completing surveys.

Sharing and Interacting

Finally, sharing my work with others is greatly appreciated as well! This means retweeting my works on Twitter, sharing my Instagram posts on stories, etc. Maybe there’s a friend out there who would be into my stuff, who knows. Do check my reposting rules below for the right way(s) to share.

Interacting and talking about my work helps as well! Whether this means commenting, telling friends about it or tweeting at me. Let me hear how you’re enjoying my work and what you think about it.

Reposting Rules

Screencaps of Sixth Sense and After School can be reposted on social media, etc. but MUST include:

  • Series name (‘Sixth Sense’ or ‘After school’)
  • Artist handle (@FEVER_FICTION), tagging is not required
  • OR Link to original work
  • DO NOT claim them to be your work or characters
  • Sharing or reposting of entire chapters to other platforms is not allowed.

Reposting of other artwork such as illustration, sketches, etc. is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED

  • Please use the ‘retweet’ or ‘share to story’ on Twitter and Instagram
  • OR share the link of the original post