I’m Seth, an artist and creator from Singapore. Since a long time ago, I’ve been drawing and making up fictional stories. It started as a past-time akin to daydreaming, then grew into something much bigger — something I can’t do without. Now, every story and character has a piece of my soul. If you’re able to feel or appreciate even a bit of it, I’m glad for it.

My work focuses on emotional catharsis, exploring and blending different genres to create what feels charming and unique to me. Among these, some of my favourite elements are mystery, crime, supernatural and romance.

Currently, I’m working on Sixth Sense, a comic published on Tapas and Webtoon. I also work as a marketing and design assistant at a local comics publisher.


Thank you for your interest in my work! I’m always excited to engage in creative projects so let me know if there’s something you’d like to discuss. With my ongoing comic and work contract in mind, I would prefer to work on short-term work or flexible projects.

If you’re interested to contact me for any work opportunities or enquiries about my work, please drop me an email at feverfictionworks@gmail.com